Improving Information Retrievel Bug Localisation Using Contextual Relations

The project artefacts, i.e. domain concepts, user guide and dataset, for each application utilised in evaluating our tool can be obtained from the links listed here. The datasets include source code files and closed bug reports, which contain reference to the code files changed to resolve the reported bug.

Domain: Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) – Concepts
Application used: AspectJ – User Guide, Dataset

Domain:  Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – Concepts
Application used: EclipseUser Guide, Dataset

Domain: Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Concepts
Application used: SWTUser Guide  Dataset

Domain: BarCode imaging/scanning – Concepts
Application used: ZXing –  User Guide, Dataset

Domain: Unified Modeling Language (UML) – Concepts
Application used: ArgoUML – User Guide, Dataset

Domain:  Servlet container – Concepts
Application used: Tomcat –  User Guide, Dataset (Contact author)

Domain:  Basel2 credit and risk management: Concepts
Application used:  Pillar1User Guide, Dataset


Disclaimer: The provided links contain information outside our control.