Radically speed up developers in finding software runtime errors

ConCodeSe (Contextual Code Search Engine) is a tool to search and rank source code files against defect (i.e. bug) descriptions of an application.

Bug localization is a core programming comprehension task in software maintenance: given the observation of a bug, e.g. via a bug report or a faulty execution trace, where is it located in the source code?

Developers spend 60-80% of their time on code search. Our algorithm built into our tool reduces this time by 40% and results in savings of up to one-third of the time to production. For example:

  • 3 days to fix a bug, more than 1 day of savings
  • 3 x 8hrs = 24hrs – 43% = 10 hours >= 1 day (8hrs)

The above savings also emotionally benefit the developers, such as:

  • Less frustration and confusion
  • More time to focus on new development
  • Short learning curve comprehending unfamiliar applications

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